APGA Competencies

Working towards your Pipeline Engineer Registration? PIPEd can help you get there.

We have reviewed some of our most popular courses against the APGA Competency Standards to help engineers achieve their Pipeline Engineer status sooner. Now, you can select courses that contribute directly to achieving the knowledge requirements of your chosen APGA Competency Standards set out by APGA and Engineers Australia.

It’s a great way to move another step closer to your registration.

AS2885.1 – Key Concepts DP001 Introduction to AS2885 and the Australian Pipeline Industry
AS2885.3 – Key concepts and Application AM001 Introduction to AS2885 and the Australian Pipeline Industry
Onshore Pipeline Design Fundamentals DP002 General Principles of Pipeline Design
Safety Management Fundamentals RS001 Working Safely Near Pipelines and Pipeline Infrastructure
Hydrotesting, Commissioning and Preparation for Operations Fundamentals HC0001 Hydrotesting and Commissioning for Steel Pipelines
Fracture Control DP014 Fracture Control
Station Design Fundamentals DS001 Process Plant Piping Fundamentals
Station Design – General Principles DS002 Process Plant Piping Fundamentals
Station Piping (inc AS 4041 and B31.3) DS003 Process Plant Piping Fundamentals
Pipeline Facilities (including pigging facilities, buried offtakes and MLV facilities) DS014 Process Plant Piping Fundamentals
Valves DS015 Process Plant Piping Fundamentals
Technical Support for Procurement DS022 Process Plant Piping Fundamentals